Monday, November 9, 2009

Today marks 20th Anniversary of The fall of the Berlin Wall and Communisum in Europe

Here's some Historical trivia for you all.

Twenty years ago today the Berlin Wall came tumbling down and the end of the Cold War began with the fall of the wall and the "Iron Curtian". Within a year Germany was reunified into one Germany instead of two. November 9, 1989 Berlin also became one and the Brandenburg Gate were open once again and east and west could move freely. Then on 3 October 1990 Germany was reunited and the Reichstad Building became once again the seat of Gov't for Germany on that day Germans from both east and west were singing together. This anthem Deutchland Uber Alles.

note: The Soviet Union collasped at this time as well.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Age Of Aquarius is upon us once again

The Age of Aquarius is once again upon us. It was with during the 1960's (around 1969) during the height of the hippy era and the Vietnam War, free speech ,movement free love and sexual revolution, the colleges and universities sit ins at UC Berkely and Kent State as well as other schools, and the Protesting of the War in Vietnam. Tricky Dick (Richard Nixon) was in the Whitehouse. The motto or slogon of that time was"Make Love Not War."

I was 15 years at the time and my ideals were forming at this time. yes I was a hippy them.

I wonder how many of you remember that time in history.

I know I am dating myself.

Peace not war.

Love and peace baby.

The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius: A Rare Astrological ConcentrationJude Currivan, Ph.D.The most profound spiritual traditions of ancient times perceived themanifest world, at all scales of existence as being generated andpervaded by a cosmic trinity of active, passive and neutralprinciples – the divine essence of the masculine, feminine and child.The Vedic sages of ancient India saw the male/active life-forceenergy they called the pingala and the female/passive energy theycalled the ida weaving around and through our chakras and thechild/neutral energy they called the shushumna as channeling upthrough them.When these divine masculine and feminine energies are balanced and soable to fully `birth' the divine child energies within us, theancient sages saw the so-called kundalini energy that otherwise liesdormant at the base of the spine, surge through us enabling us tofully embody our divine nature.The purpose of the sacred marriage between the divine feminine andmasculine that the ancient peoples, such as those of Malta, enactedin their temples was thus not only to bring cosmic harmony andfertility to their land but within themselves. For such balanceenables the energetic activation or `birth' of the divine childwithin us and the attainment of enlightenment.When this cosmic trinity of consciousness is harmonized and fullyexpressed within us, we are truly `healed' and `whole' as embodied bythe universal symbol of the caduceus as a representation of healingfrom earliest times.For millennia, only the highest adepts understood and have attainedsuch wholeness. But elders and mystics around the world are sayingthat now is the time, when we have evolved to a point where we areall able to awaken our inner divinity.This is our spiritual destiny at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.End of This Age, courtesy of San Francisco SentinelIn mid February, we are offered cosmic support to this re-memberingof who we really are, by a rare astrological concentration thatbrings together a number of planets together with the North Node –denoting higher purpose - in Aquarius. And which energizes andinspires the possibility for transcendental breakthrough and healing.We measure our global sense of both space (longitude) and time(universal time - UT or GMT) from the prime meridian located atGreenwich, England. We can perceive the collective influence of thismomentous astrological event by looking at the alignment from thisglobally `centered' perspective. When we do, something extraordinaryand exquisite emerges.At dawn on 14th February the day dedicated to St Valentine, thepatron saint of Love, the Moon in Libra enters the seventh house ofrelationships. And Jupiter and Mars are aligned in Aquarius in thetwelfth house of spiritual transformation.Forty years ago, the intuitive words of a song called Aquarius,brought the dawning of the new age into our collective awareness:When the Moon is in the seventh houseAnd Jupiter aligns with Mars.Then peace will guide the planetsAnd love will steer the stars.At dawn on 14th February the Cosmos actually embodies this perfectalignment to support our collective manifestation of love and peaceand the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.The Aquarian chart of 14th February reveals an incredibleconcentration of cosmic influences blending with the energies ofAquarius in the twelfth house. Expansive Jupiter and energetic Marsare aligned with the higher purpose of the North Node. The presenceof Chiron the wounded healer offers us the opportunity to heal theschisms that have separated us for so long. Neptune emphasizescollective humanitarian movements and the co-creation of socialjustice. And the presence of the radiant Sun enlightens the entirealignment.Mercury also in the twelfth house but just beyond the cusp inCapricorn, allies with transformational Pluto to communicate andanchor the Shift throughout our global structures and institutions.The Moon in Libra in the seventh house emphasizes harmonious real –ationships.Venus in Aries in the first house energizes and empowers dynamic co-creativity.And whilst Saturn the great task master in opposition to Uranus theunexpected awakener is suggesting an ongoing confrontation as thedregs of the unsustainable old paradigm reluctantly give way to theuntested hope of the new, their placements in Virgo and Pisces bringspractical altruism and visionary inspiration to the transition.Alignment view from the horizonAt 7.25am on 14th February – and for the 18 minutes of the alignment,I invite you, in the universal heart, to add your own intention forlove and peace and to co-create the dawning of the Age of Aquarius tothat of the Cosmos. In whatever way feels appropriate for you, youmay choose to align with7.25am (UT) or 7.25am your own local timeenergizing a wave of intention that will surge around the Earth.Having searched for over a thousand years, I can find no otheralignments in the past of this incredible significance. Butamazingly, at one moment in time nearly fifty years ago, thecollective voices of our ancient ancestors seem to have been givensuch a cosmic voice to energetically seed this coming Age and thebirth of the Aquarian human.In 1962 at the same time on the same day, as 2009, Jupiter and Marswere in Aquarius in the twelfth house and the Moon in the seventhhouse. But then the awesome concentration of planets that energizethe 2009 alignment was missing.And instead of the North Node (higher purpose) being aligned withJupiter and Mars as it is in 2009, it was in opposition.What this means is that back in 1962 it was the so-called south noderather than the north node that was aligned with Jupiter and Mars.The south node represents what we bring in from the past. So in 1962the potential for us the birth the Age of Aquarius came through fromour collective race memory - but only now are we able to fullymanifest its higher purpose. In 1962 we essentially took a collectivein-breath of possibility and now with the cosmic support of theAquarian alignment of 14th February 2009 we are able to take the out-breath and make it happen.The second verse of the song Aquarius is;Harmony and understandingSympathy and trust aboundingNo more falsehoods or derisionsGolden living dreams of visionsMagic crystal revelationAnd the minds true liberationAquarius!Aquarius!In our sacred journey to Malta we will join our voices to those ofour ancestors and all the peacemakers throughout the millennia thathoped for and sought to co-create Heaven on Mother Earth. Theirintentions and hard work kept the possibility of this vision alive.And in our time, we have the opportunity to realize their dreams andours and enable a HoMecoming for us all!To find out more about the Sacred Journey to Malta: Awakening to theGreat Creative Mystery in the Heart of the Mediterranean with JudeCurrivan, Ph.D., full details are available at malta09.html.judecurrivan. comFor more information on The Great Rethinking / Prophets ConferenceVisit www.greatmystery. orgContact InfoEmail: The Prophets ConferenceHome: www.greatmystery. orgTel: (1) 505 796 4023 USA/Canada or (44) 020 8123 5108 UK'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the liveswe touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angelwings tenderly beating.'The Universal Heart Center

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 nearing it's end

Well 2008 will be history here in the South East at 00:01:00 which 1 minute past 2400 or mid-night and 2009 will be here.

2008 has been a ok year. Words that I can sum up 2008 are as follows: deceit(Gov't), greed (wall street CEO's including AIG and the Banks as well as the Auto industry CEO's), mud slinging lieing campaigns by poltitions.

Personally 2008 has been good for me. Hopeful 2009 will be a much better year and prosperous and healthy year.

Want to wish all my friends on my followers list a Safe, Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A De Ja Vous

Hi all,

Yesterday I was doing some research and writing on several books that I am working on while listening to
ABC News. People are talking as if this will be another Camelot. The Camelot era under Former Pres Kennedy can to an abrupt end on November 22nd 1963. Yesterday marked the 45th anniversary of his assassination. His administration only lasted from January 1961 to Novemeber 1963. Obama is from the land of Lincoln. When Lincoln won the election in Nov of 1860, the Southern states vowed to secede from the union and form the Confederate State of America and The War of Northern Aggress Began.

Obama views himself as another Lincoln alligns himself to Kennedy.
Lincoln's first inauguration - March 4, 1861 - Assassinated April 15, 1865 - Home state IL

John F. Kennedy's inauguration -January 20, 1961 - Assassinated November 22, 1963 - Home state - MA

Barrack Obama - inauguration - January 20, 2009 Home State IL.

The Deja vous's


IL - Illinous

Lincoln's ideals

We all know what happen in April of 1861 and November of 1963.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Remember to vote today!

For those of you whose state doesn't have early voting, please go out and vote today. There are a lot of issues at stake here. So please vote today no matter who your canidate is or what your political party is. PLEASE VOTE

Monday, November 3, 2008

new to this site

please bare with me here. I am still learning my way around this site.